In a newly designed Gran Via, on the 24th of April in 1924 was inaugurated the new building of the business association Circulo de la Union Mercantil e Industrial de Madrid.

The new building was established in a historical location. In this very place was established the historical Palacio del conde de Santa Coloma, famous all over Madrid for the good scent that came out of their kitchens. Also in the corner of streets of Hortaleza and Reina you could find the Nueva Iberia Café that was the meeting place of the "Bilis Club", "a literary society without rules, directive board or address" that was joined by famous intellectuals like Leopoldo Alas Clarin, Marcos Zapata, Armando Palacio Valdes or Jose Ortega Munilla. 

After 5 years of construction a new building emerged that would be base for this exclusive society: fencing and gym on the basement, reading and meeting rooms and the restaurant in the mezzanine, a great hall, affices on the main floor and a terrace with several summer snack bars. Also it would have luxury renting housing in the superior floor level.

Anatomy of the building

The three floors are connected by a beautiful marble staircase. They are organized around a broad atrium covered by stained glass that was built by the famous French firm Maumejean. 

The crest of the Upper floor remembers the Palacio de Monterrey in Salamanca. While in the façade plateresco Spanish themes are dominant.

We can not forget the tower that crowns the building, with its black slate dome with meets Gran Via and Hortaleza streets.

Recent History

Just a few months ago, the building was housting the offices of Area de Gobierno de Economia, Empleo y Participacion Ciudadana del Ayuntamiento de Madrid. 

On the 5th of April of 2010, the former Ballroom was the environment chosen by the Kings of spain to celebrate the centennial of Gran Via.

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